Finding useful videos and screencasts on the Internet

As well as searching for videos on Google Video and on YouTube, there are sites such as Open Culture, whose Educational Audio & Video Library lists large collections of cultural and educational media, including science, technology, business and law, as well as YouTube Education: 80 Intelligent Video Collections.

Many videos can also be embedded in Blackboard, just copy the code and paste in your announcement or content (see screencast on how to do this). You can hyperlink from PowerPoint to the video on the Internet, or for YouTube videos embed directly into a PowerPoint slide (see how). There is also software for downloading videos from YouTube and Google Video to play offline, such as Ultraget.

Russell Stannard's Teacher Training Videos is a collection of video for teachers to help them to incorporate technology into their teaching - this is a great site for videos introducing various technologies such as podcasting, flickr, SurveyMonkey, iTunes and PowerPoint, as well as stuff on English language teaching and on multimedia development (such as Flash, Director and Photoshop).

Other video sites include:

  • Microsoft has a demo showcase for Office 2007 - there are many screencasts showing how to use specific features of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. For example, look at the demo Data takes shape with conditional formatting. All the demos can be downloaded. It is a mixed bag, some useful and some not-so-good.
  • TeacherTube - an online community for sharing instructional videos, providing an educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners
  • TED talks - videos of talks by academics, authors and politicians under the moniker 'ideas worth spreading' - not without critics, nevertheless has interesting and thought-provoking talks
  • The Archive's Moving Images library of free movies, films, and videos, such as a video on communications theory: 'A Communications Primer' is an instructional film created in 1953 for IBM

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