What is Twitter?
Twitter is an online application that allows users to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent, short (140 characters or less) postings, called 'tweets'. Launched in 2006, numbers using Twitter are growing and educational uses are emerging, including using Twitter during conferences. Read a two-page overview from an educational perspective: 7 Things You Should Know About Twitter (Educause article).

Short Videos: Twitter in Plain English (by The Common Craft Show) and David Parry explains how he uses Twitter in teaching
(Also view a new video on searching on Twitter, subject to these criticisms)

Teaching with Twitter
Teaching with Twitter - Steve Wheeler's blog post, with 10 ideas for using Twitter in education and some useful links including above short video of David Parry

Twittering at Conferences

  • Twittering at Conferences - Steve Wheeler's recent blog post, with a link to an interesting conference paper on How people are using Twitter during Conferences
  • Tweeting EdTech 09 - Bernie Goldbach's blog post on tweeting at EdTech, internet social networking complementing a live event (see some of the tweets from the conference)

    Some Twitter related software

  • Tweetdeck - Use this third party app to manage Twitter. It's much better than using the Twitter web interface
  • TwitThis - Install this tool into your browser's toolbar so that you can share web sites on the fly as you surf
    Both these recommendations from Lucy Gray's Twitter 101 blog post

    Some other blog posts

  • The Beginners "Why?" And "How-To" Guide To Twitter - DemoGirl's blog post with videos on using Twitter
  • Twitter Literacy (I refuse to make up a Twittery name for it) - Howard Rheingold's recent blog post on using Twitter
  • Surrender! Foucault and Twitter - Ian Delaney's twist on using Twitter

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