What is a blog?
A blog - a shorthand term that means "Web log" - is an online, chronological collection of personal commentary and links. Easy to create and use from anywhere with an Internet connection, blogs are a form of Internet publishing that has become an established communications tool. Read a two-page overview from an educational perspective: 7 Things You Should Know About Blogs (Educause article).

Short Video: Blogs in Plain English (by The Common Craft Show)

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Example blogs

  • NDLR's TELCoP Blog - Blog and website of the NDLR's Technology Enhanced Community of Practice (TELCoP)
  • Tom Raftery's Social Media - social media consultant, speaker, blogger and podcaster
  • Eat Drink Live - recipes and more from Limerick, latest post is for tasty grilled asparagus spears with buffalo mozzarella

    Online Guide to Blogging for Teaching and Learning
    This Educause guide on using blogs in higher education explores what blogging is and how it might support teaching and learning:

  • Examples of how blogging can be used for teaching and learning
  • Firsthand student perspectives on blogging
  • Advice on key implementation considerations
  • Approaches for assessing class blogging
    The guide also offers a practical collection of annotated resources on blogging.

    A multitude of software options exist, including and

    What next?
    If you are interested in learning to create a blog, there is an upcoming Teaching and Learning Centre workshop (see training calendar - on-campus access only).

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