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Articulate Studio 09
Articulate Studio is a user-friendly, powerful and flexible suite of tools which you can use to create engaging multimedia content. It integrates with MS PowerPoint and allows you to incorporate voice, video, Flash interactions and versatile quizzes into visually appealing packages to be delivered online.
Visit the Articulate website. In particular, look at the following sections:

  • Community Showcase - page which gives examples of the type of courses you can build easily and rapidly with Studio '09
  • Presenter '09 - tutorial page on Presenter
  • Quizmaker '09 - tutorial page on Quizmaker
  • Engage '09 - tutorial page on Engage

    Articulate Essentials Online Presentation
    Online presentation without sound for Articulate Essentials Workshop

    Some good examples

  • Example tutorial from Tom Kuhlmann - an example of the flexibility of the Articulate interface and how to build interactivity and avoid linearity (taken from an excellent Rapid Rapid E-Larning Blog post)
  • Examples from the academic community at the University of Leeds - the University of Leeds have been running an Articulate project for several years and they now hold 212 licences
  • Overview of Articulate - made for the staff of the University of Leeds

    Some of my examples

  • Rapid Development of Online Resources using Articulate and Screenr - online presentation for MSSTL10 conference on how to use Articulate and screenr
  • Online introduction to Blackboard - presentation incorporating a video
  • Online introduction to using PowerPoint in teaching - online presentation introducing a workshop
  • Online introduction to Boxplots - presentation incorporating a quiz, an interaction and a video (earlier version)
  • Online assignment specification - presentation introducing an assignment
  • Online introduction to Histograms - presentation incorporating a quiz
  • Online introduction to the Normal distribution - presentation incorporating a quiz

    We have purchased a number of licences if interested, contact me. There is also a useful reference book - Essential Articulate Studio '09 by Patti Shank and Jennifer Bircher - in the T&LC collection in the library.

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    If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Damien Raftery, eLearning Development Officer