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Blackboard 8 Support
Resources for using Blackboard 8
All the basics and much more explained - new 'how to' videos on using Blackboard 8

National Digital Learning Repository - NDLR
NDLR Newsletter - current and full archive
To view learning resources, see IT Carlow's Showcase of local and national projects, choose another college's showcase or look at all the national projects
The NDLR is an online resource bank to support collaboration and sharing of teaching and learning resources within the Irish Third Level Education sector. All resources can be downloaded and adapted for your teaching - start searching here. If Login ID is required to view/download a resource, you can use your IT Carlow staff username and password (choose Login from your institution for Edugate login). You can also contribute to the NDLR by uploading resources you have developed or joining a community of practice.

Software Application of the Month
Be Visual! an online workshop showing how to find copyright-cleared images and clip art, and how to edit them in PowerPoint. Includes a handout of tasks, an overview interactive presentation, 7 how-to videos and guided useful links.
Online PowerPoint workshop enhance your PowerPoint slides and presentations by inserting hyperlinks and action buttons, adding custom animation, creating a blank screen, searching Flickr for photos available under Creative Commons, using SmartArt, taking screen clippings using OneNote, creating semi-transparent shapes to highlight aspects of your presentation and creating PDF handouts of your presentation
Wordle.org create word clouds from text that you provide, watch a 3-minute how-to video or simply follow the above link and experiment
Articulate Articulate Studio 09 is a user-friendly, powerful and flexible suite of tools which you can use to create engaging multimedia content. It integrates with MS PowerPoint and allows you to incorporate voice, video, interactions and quizzes into visually appealing packages to be delivered online
Previous: MS OneNote, Google Docs, Outlook 2007: How to Use Voting Buttons, iTunes U, Audacity, Eclipse Crossword

Topic of the Month
Discussion Boards in Blackboard (version 6) - want to use discussion boards in Blackboard - here you'll find handouts, videos and more
Previous: Twitter, Wikis, Finding useful videos and screencasts on the Internet, Blogs, Developing educational screencasts, Podcasts

Site of the Month
eLearning (various) - Doing some research about eLearning? Or want to find out more about integrating technology into your teaching? Here are some places to start (two key websites, an online book, various journals )
Previous: Reuseable Learning Objects from the RLO CETL, slideshare.net, LexisNexis News & Business, Flickr, OpenLearn, The Common Craft Show

Workshop materials and upcoming training
Video clips and more supporting recent workshops (using PowerPoint, Images, Video and more)
Updated: SPSS - support page for workshop
Recent: Learn how to use MS Excel to work with student marks - to calculate final marks for students with different assessment components, work with different weightings, calculate class averages etc.

Rapid Development Workshop
draft resource

MSSTL10 conference website

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